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An Overview of Vegan Diets

Veganism is a vast issue that encompasses nutrition, animal welfare, food politics, and much more. I’ll explain why it’s simple and rational to adopt in this short post .

Also will answer some questions which relate to vegan diets.

Veganism was initially characterised as a diet that was free of meat, dairy, and eggs. The word currently encompasses any item created without the use of animal products, from shoes to shampoo.

Vegan diets have a number of appealing advantages. They prevent agricultural animals from being slaughtered in slaughterhouses and factory farms. Vegan foods are also good for your health and good for the environment.

It’s certainly worth your time to look into the reasons for going vegan. But for the time being, our goal is to swiftly go over the fundamentals. So let’s keep going.

In today’s hectic lifestyle more and more people are moving towards a healthier lifestyle. They are all shifting to a diet which restricts the intake of dairy and animal products. People are looking for healthier option that will help them fight some of the major food related issue that is engulfing the whole society.

To name a few heart issue, liver problem, sleep disorder, obesity, cholesterol ,sugar ,blood pressure , infertility issue are to name a few.

It is no wonder that people are now realizing what they are being feed and how it is affecting their overall health. Many Big and know celebrities have shifted to this wonderful diet regime to keep them looking great and healthy.

Not only does Vegan diet help you –

  • Burn Body Fat
  • Build a Lean Muscle
  • Be Healthier
  • Have more Energy
  • Be Fitter
  • Build an Athletic Body
  • Get 6 Pack Abs
  • Perform Better

It helps you recover faster and makes you feel great.

Before one makes a choice of going Vegan and star on this incredible journey they should know that they have made a wise decision and for those who still are in dilemma we will presents facts to them to make them understand why they should also be a Vegan.

The biggest question that anyone asks is that Vegan diet can never fulfill the general requirement of the daily needs of Protein, Nutrition’s and Vitamins. So why shift to something that is not worth it.

Well they are wrong. There are thousands of Vegan athletic including power lifter and body builder who have won many medals at great events at national and international stage. Anyone can Google it up and find that this is not fiction it is true.

As we move along we welcome you to this happy family were everyone is contributing to a better world and making a happier place to live in by choosing and making the right choices.

What Are the Steps to Becoming a Vegan?

Love animals

Many people think that the switch from a Non Vegetarian diet to a Vegan is going to be filled with agony or pain. Well that is not the case , it just a hype they build up do that you do not switch to a healthier diet.

Like anything new the body adapts to everything when given the chance to adjust. Also think of all the animals lives you will be saving. Even if you still crave for something non veg as some say we are still human and crave for meat. There is healthier option now available that are completely natural.

Making the switch to a vegan diet is surprisingly simple.

The most essential takeaway is to not put too much emphasis on eliminating animal-based foods from your diet. Rather, suffocate them by continuously discovering vegan dishes that you enjoy.

Focus on trying many new vegan foods each week to eliminate animal products from your diet. You’ll progress faster if you sample a variety of foods. So, at the absolute least, try one new vegan thing per day. This might be a restaurant meal, a store-bought item, or a new recipe you prepare at home.

Benefits of shifting to Vegan

healthy vegan

With the rise in all kind of health issue related to food these days.It has become even more important that we switch to something that is safe.Instead of just pop in animal food that is probably carrying some new virus.

You all may have seen different videos of animals how they are laid up to be slaughtered and some are eaten live. God help them with all the disease and virus it could be carrying only God will help them.

Following are some point that will help you make the switch more willing as you will get to know some of the great benefits we will have

  • Lose Weight
  • Boost in Energy
  • Live Longer
  • Good Digestion
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improved skin
  • Build Muscles

Source and Substitutes

Vegan food substitute


People have always been quick to point out that going vegan will not help you gain enough protein which are the building block for muscle. But that is so untrue. There are so many substitutes for protein and protein powder that are so much better for building body and for great athletes.

Vegan can get the complete amino acid profile . Grains and vegetables are complete proteins ,for example quinoa, amaranth, soybeans, buckwheat, hempseed, and much more. Even a mixture of pea protein and brown rice protein together creates a complete essential amino acid profile which makes it a complete protein.


This is an interesting part that you need to put your thoughts to. There is what we call simple and complex carbohydrates.

Simple Carbohydrates are those food that are the quickest source of energy. These are very helpful for athletics who need quick energy as it release energy quickly. Foods for example bananas, white potatoes, white bread, sugar, or sweet.

Complex Carbohydrates are those that release energy slowly and they also get stores as fat when not in use. This is for the long run and especially helpful if anyone is looking forward to lose weight this stored energy is used.


People have an inbuilt notion that there is no way to achieve any fat from Plants .Well I like to tell them stop listen to these kind of information. God know what their source is.

The fact of the matter is that there is not better and healthier source of fat than from plant based products. For example coconut oil, olive oil, fax seed, chia seeds ,Hemp seeds ,Avacado , Almonds..

All of the above have their inbuilt immune boosting benefits as well that is another topic we can cover some other time.


People also have another inbuilt notion that they can only have calcium from dairy product so why switch to vegan or leave diary product in that case. Well I am sorry to say but you don’t need to eat or drink dairy products to maintain that calcium level.

There is so many calcium sources for protein in fortified soya milk and juice, soy­beans, soya nuts, broccoli, collards, kale, mustard greens, and calcium-set tofu and okra.

Vegan Diets Recipe

Vegan Salad

To help you progress to becoming a Vegan, I have curated a list of some of the best Vegan Recipes. Try them as you embark you journey to a guilt free world of Vegan. The link to the dishes and more recipe cook book can be found in the Footer section as well.

These Vegan Recipes include non dairy products and no meat in included.So when you cook them ans feel the taste using the alternatives for these items. You will be immediately delighted, as to why you did not start this before.

There is one good news for those who love their drinks.I have clubbed in some of the best that vegan love to have, be it to quench your thirst or for any kind of gathering. You can simple use these recipe and make your day.

All being said and done what do I do to start on this wonderful journey of vegan diet

Well there is no doubt if you have read so far you are willing to completely change your lifestyle on food. So to help your smooth transition we have come up with this incredible list that will help you all the way.

Vegan Diet Cookbooks

It’s simple and pleasurable to live a vegan lifestyle, especially if you start with the appropriate cookbooks. These books, which cover every cuisine and cooking speciality, are very vegan.

From delicious recipes, to products that improve your gut health, skin, sleep, weight loss and stress levels – these are truly something for everyone.


It’s the perfect eating regimen to help you eliminate sugar, drop pounds, and boost your protein intake using just healthy plant-based ingredients.