Can a Vegan Eat Eggs

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Can a Vegan Eat Eggs

The Million Dollar question every Vegan has in his mind. Can a Vegan Eat Eggs ?

The answer to this is not as simple as one may think.

Vegans have a strong belief in making sure that no animal is harmed or slaughtered for their food. So are hens killed in the production of the Eggs.Well this a debatable question as well. Because for any hen to produce Eggs in harm they have to be injected by hormones. This makes them to produces Eggs. These Hens are injected so that they become Fertile as well.

So their is some suffering this poor creature has to endure for us.

Not to forget , that Egg producing Chicks are not breed for meat so When a Male chick is Born it is killed as it is not economical viable to raise it up.

Also you should know that about 260 million male chicks are killed at birth?

If you look at this number your heart will stop right their not to mention how these poor creatures are killed, I would not like to go into the detail of that.

But the big question still remains Can a Vegan Eat Eggs.

Well human has been greedy by nature and their are certain Vegan Community that do consume Eggs as they are bought from natural farm were they are not subjected to mass production and everything takes place naturally both the life and death.

These Vegan like to refer themselves as “Veggan” or they are also referred to as “ovo-vegetarian” and they aren’t vegan for ethical reasons. They consume Eggs in all the form but they do avoid Meat in any form.

People at time tell the befits of Eggs for their consumption. But wait there are so many alternatives for Eggs if you are looking for the nutrients and vital ingredients.