Holi Aioli Lemon Basil Sandwich Spread & Mayonnaise Alternative – Low-Calorie, Healthy, 100% Vegan Dressing Dip – Mayo Replacement Salad Dressing with Organic Ingredients – 9 Fluid Ounces

A PERFECT MAYO REPLACEMENT: Holi Aioli sandwich spreads offer a unique, rich alternative to mayonnaise; An easy, tasty & healthy way to replace all those mayo packets & dressing packets off your sauce racks
HOLI HABANERO HEAT: Holi Habanero is a special twist to our range of aioli sauces & garlic spreads bringing to life the delicate balance of hot & spicy with our bespoke recipe that features habanero & chili peppers
TRULY VERSATILE: Holi Habanero, thanks to its rich flavor profile, is equally delicious whether you choose to use it as a handy dressing dip, an everyday sandwich spread, a signature bake/grill sauce or a fancy salad dressing

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