Vegan FAQ

Clear your mind of any doubts that you may have.In this section of Vegan FAQ.We have complied some of the most common asked question that Vegans face.

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Honey is produced using nectar that honey bees gather from fresh flowers that have blossomed.So if it is gathered from plants , Can Vegan Eat Honey ?As per standard definition- Nectar is the sweet fluid collection done by the bees using their long tube shaped tongue. This fluid is stored in the bees stomach. When it reaches the hive it is passed to other bees for storage by regurgitating it. This interaction is repeated over and over again before the nectar is stored into a honeycomb. Read More

The American eating routine is evolving. More individuals than any other time are scrutinising the insight of eating a lot of creature food varieties and are moving to an existence with more vegan or plant based food varieties. The major difference between Vegan diet is that they do not consume meat or milk (dairy) products. But this may not be the case with Plant based Diet. ReadMore

Whats the difference between Vegan and Vegetarian

Neither vegans nor vegetarians consume meat that is for sure. So whats the difference between vegan and vegetarian.Well a vegetarians tends to take in milk products as well as eggs a on the other hand a vegan prevents all animal items.This may consist of eggs and milk products and also commonly inedible animal-based items such as leather, wool and silk are all avoided. Vegetarianism is generally a diet plan, while veganism is a way of living. Read More

People have always been quick to point out that vegan food will not help you gain enough protein which are the building block for muscle. But that is so untrue. There are so many substitutes for protein and protein powder that are so much better for building body and for great athletes.Vegan can get the complete amino acid profile . Grains and vegetables are complete proteins,for example .. Read More